We All Stall! Break Through the Barrier!

Ok so a quick update. I have stalled. LOL kind of like my entire life the last few months. Last summer I had an encounter with a shaman and I know it affected me in all areas of my life. I don’t know why I let it. I keep going back to that one defining moment when I spoke with her about the future and this was just a conversation. She told me that the next year was going to be really hard and then proceeded to tell me the reasons why. I have let that little thought affect my life probably more than I want to admit. I know I tried not too, but did not know how to get out of this funk. I guess I was a work in progress and I needed to go through what I did to make me stronger. AND it is what we do when we hit these plateaus or barriers to break through them. I don’t give up very easily, and that sometimes can be a flaw. Sometimes you have to know when to get up and walk away (just an fyi this isnt one of them just saying).

However, you know when the message is needed it appears? As it did. I have been digesting the book E Squared by Pam Grout. I am a voracious reader. So I am going to completely change my approach. I am approaching my weight loss in a different light and my struggle to find my answer of what do I want to be when I grow up.

So far to date I am guessing I am down about 45 lbs. I am 86’ing the scale, an instrument of torture and mind games for me. My clothes haven’t gotten any bigger and guess what I did. I went back to self sabotage. Big surprise right? We had a “snack” day this past weekend and I felt like shit. Immediately my body started rejecting the sugar and the toxins. I will never do that again. I had to lay down and 8pm and didn’t get up until 6:30 the next morning. It was a food coma. Really none of it was that great. It was the prospect of cheating on what I had done to accomplish my goals. The thought of that was exciting for a moment. What is even better is that my husband also has been on a great kick with me (FINALLY!!!). He has been walking every day, cut out late night eating and no junk during the week, he too felt awful and had a headache for 2 days. What does this say or prove? Food can totally change how we feel physically and mentally.

Back to Pam’s book and also Jeff Olson talks about this in the Slight Edge and it is expectation of doing something and getting the results that you truly want. When we focus our energy on what we truly want, i.e. weight loss, better health, more money that is exactly what we get. When we focus on doing daily tasks on getting ourselves there over a period of time you start to see things accumulate. Small measured results. But the fact is you have to do these tasks everyday. Not just sometimes, or part time but all of the time. Here is the big aha, it is so easy not to do it, or just say I will not do it for today. Most of the time we fall into the category of not doing it, because it is easy not to do and then we think the same the next day and the next so on and so forth. 


We also focus on what we do not want. For instance, I was so focused on not going back into a field that I love that I shut all doors and possibilities out. It wasn’t until I had that aha moment that I said to myself, why am I fighting the inevitable and why would I close a door on something I love? Because of a few failures? Because I was worried about what other people think? For a while yes, then it dawned on me, I do not care what anyone thinks. If they have a problem with it, it is their problem not mine.

It is like weight loss. I was fighting the battle of the bulge everyday. Worried about every morsel I put into my mouth to the point of dizziness and such low blood sugar I almost passed out…why? Good clean food is fuel! If you look at it from a point and say I am grateful for this food and it will nourish and benefit my body vs. I have to watch every calorie I eat or I will gain weight, bingo! Your body will do exactly what you are telling it. Try it. There are exercises in Pam’s book that will help you hone in on this…



I never realized how powerful your thoughts really were until the past few months but you can really will your way into anything and everything you have ever desired. I want to create my own destiny. I want happiness and success in everything and anything. All the way down to a loving fantastic relationship. What about you? If you keep telling yourself you are not worthy, guess what you aren’t. Maybe that is why I have had so many relationships fail (or really picked the wrong guy) until this guy (yep on the Liz Taylor path and yellow brick road of marriages).  But WHY in the world would we do this to ourselves? We are worthy of happiness, feeling beautiful, desirable and prosperous. We have been told so many negative things. You, we, I are meant to claim what we deserve and what we can be and what we desire. It won’t happen tomorrow, it probably won’t happen next week, but if you make that conscious effort every day measure your results every 90 days. It takes time for everything! Write it down, it makes it real!

By the way, I incorporated Pam’s exercises and the pair of pants I have that were 2 sizes too small I can fit into. Stay willful my friends!


Lets Talk About Sex Baby (and Love and Intimacy)

This is a bit of a different blog article. I bet you might be thinking this will be filled with tips, tricks and maybe some smut? Nah, not my speed but I will definitely try and entertain you. The body, mind and spirit encompasses so many things. But what about sex, sex, sex? Why is there taboo, mystery, shame, and so much negativity around it?  Yes of course it is a personal act, unless you are Tiger Woods or Charile Sheen, and discretion is necessary. So let’s talk about how good it is for you and there is nothing better than making love with your partner. Sex, love and intimacy are essential for a fulfilling life. Whether that be a spouse, a boyfriend, girlfriend, it comes in all sizes and shapes.

Sex is a mammal-istic biology drive. Why am I bringing this topic up? Because when it is done right it feels good and it is good for us but it is the highest plane that you can reach emotionally with another person is intimacy. It is completely different than the actual act of having sex. Sex is only part of intimacy in a marriage or a long term loving relationship and you can also have intimacy in a friendship. Sex is great for self esteem, it releases endorphins and a romp in the sheets burns calories. Now, I am not saying to go and hump every tom, dick and jane. I truly believe to experience the full benefits of sex, you have to love that person that you are having sex with and completely surrender you body and mind, i.e. intimacy!! I am not talking about lust (but sometimes lusting after your partner is not a bad thing, oh baby oh baby!) but love and being truly connected to your partner. We have the the brain to control our urges, and I am not sitting in judgment but your body is your temple! And bottom line your have to love yourself first. (See the last 2 blog posts). Getting from the point of attraction or lust to love and intimacy takes time.

Here is a concept how about intimacy with yourself?

“I have often found in my work that as a person starts to treat themselves with the love and valuing that they have always sought from others – when they become intimate with themselves – they find themselves experiencing intimacy with their spouse. A marriage they thought was over becomes renewed with the love that they had been seeking from someone else.” Dr. Margaret Paul

I think that explains quite a bit and something I have been working on for the last 9 months!!

Relationships take time to build, whether it is with a life partner or a friend. You have to have a trustworthy relationship and that goes both ways. Both people in a relationship have to give. Some days it will be 60-40, some days 50-50 and some days 90-10. It all balances out if you truly have the other person’s interest at heart. Nothing feels better knowing you have made a positive difference for someone other than yourself. Here are some simple tips to make sure you tell your partner everyday;


Now, I am speaking from a heterosexual point of view because that is me and if you haven’t gathered already a woman. Whether you are straight, gay, bi, transgender, etc sex is wonderful for all. And so are relationships period. Being intimate is also having a few close friends you can really open up to. If you don’t like the fact this blog loves everyone no matter what, don’t read it. 

However, if your sexual partner isn’t doing it right then Houston you have a problem. Men lets face it, a woman is like a complex beautiful sports car and you have to rev her engine. You have to know what you are doing, so ask or get educated on FOREPLAY. It is just as important for her to have a pleasurable orgasm as it is you. There is nothing more powerful than bringing your partner to a climax. And this goes for the ladies too! The art of foreplay I think has been lost and there is so much power in a kiss. A long slow wet kiss that last for 3 days!! I am not going to go into detail here. If you need help go get some books. Take a sex class, but I am coming from the importance of what it can do for you! When you feel comfortable being naked in front of your partner and you love your body and yourself, the union is a blessed thing. I am not talking 50 shades of grey crap either. Focus on your partner and you will get what you want. If you don’t then talk about it. I know that sometimes it is not comfortable to open up about but if you start small and talk about it often, it then becomes comfortable. And it is also about being comfortable with yourself. As we grow older things change and embrace it, love it! Shit droops, so what.

If you want to stay in love you have to work at it. It isn’t like you get married and you think to yourself oh this will be like this forever. It is a job. Everyday! When you want to please your partner, you will do things all of the time for them and not be a lazy schmuck. Stay engaged my friends! 


Gut be GONE!! 20 lbs to go! %$#@ Sugar!

Does anyone address the whole body and mind when facing a health challenge? It seems like the answer in weight loss is always cutting the calories and exercising but in reality how much of it has to do with behavior and the mind? I still have more weight to cut and it all seems to be hanging out between my mid section to my upper thighs and my head is beating me up. My daughter took some pictures of me yesterday and I realized I still have quite a bit to go. I am not satisfied nor happy with the pictures look but hell I have come a long way baby!

It is the gut. The powerhouse of our existence next to the brain. As I sit here contemplating over what my last article said, I realized that I did not elaborate enough on a healthy mind, and part of that was overcoming addictions. I did not really even realize at the time that I might possibly have a food issue as well (as I sit here and think about the peanut butter cups I ate yesterday and then feel shitty about it).  Then I wonder is it an excuse and I also wonder if it is playing into not being able to let the last part of this weight go. Both my husband and I have resolved to eat better and do positive things for our health. Actually I did not really give my husband a choice and really am going to kick his ass. I think it is fair that I have had to deal with mine, now he has to deal with his, right? All or nothing?

Now my 14 year old daughter is on board (and will be keeping an eye on her dad too).  We are committed to an even healthier lifestyle. Even though I have come a long way, I still have a long way to go. I am guessing I still need to cut about 20 lbs, but I do not have a scale and do not intended on getting one (screw that, it messes with my head). I measure in inches and how my clothes fit. A 140 pound person carrying 30% body fat is going to look a lot different than a 140 pound person carrying 15% body fat. My husband definitely has a food addiction and rates up there with my alcohol. So, we have all resolved to hold each other accountable. Accountability partners!! Here are some pics from one year ago to today…

Wow one year ago July 2013

Wow one year ago July 2013 but didnt start getting healthy until November of this past year

July 2013 at my heaviest

July 2013 at my heaviest

July 2014-40 lbs lighter and put to rest

July 2014-40 lbs lighter and put to rest no make up and in a bathing suit…still have a long way to go!!

Need my mid section to look like my bi's, tri's, lats and pects!

July 2014…Need my mid section to look like my bi’s, tri’s, lats and pects!

I am looking at these pictures and to me it doesn’t “look” like much of a difference. However, none of my clothes fit and I have so many people that stop and compliment me, which I am truly grateful for. One day I will be able to see all of the results and hard work.

Sugar….There is no really good thing to say about it at all, except it really does taste good in a lot of things and wrecks havoc on your body. From drinks, to desserts, to candy, we have had a love affair with sugar since we all can remember (well at least I have). Do you have a favorite food you go to when you are depressed, stressed or you consider a cheat food? I think you may have gathered mine are Trader Joe’s PB cups. And my favorite 3 food groups would be pizza (boobs), chips (stomach) and chocolate (ass-these are where these calories would and have congregated). Look at the labels, high fructose corn syrup (which is horrible for you!), and sugar are usually in the first 3 ingredients. You should not consume more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day or you put yourself at risk for Type 2 diabetes. This is why we have such an obesity problem in our country and the fact we do not get out and get into activity as nearly as much as we should.

One can of soda with sugar is 8 teaspoons of sugar. I suggest you say goodbye to soda and juice starting now. Even the diet sodas, gatorades, vitamin drinks, energy drinks are extremely bad for your body and carbonated drinks leach calcium out of the bones. Alcohol is fermented sugar and juice is liquid crack. Also, there are chemicals in all sorts of food to make us crave more. That is why there is such a withdrawal from certain foods and drinks. It seems to be simple and it is. Good old fashion clean water is the best. We do control it at the end of the day but we also try and complicate it. If we know what we are dealing with in food, logically it should make it much easier, but it does not for most (me me me!!). Many times eating and drinking is years of “crutched” behavior. Just like you need a crutch to help you walk if you have an injured leg or foot this is what food and drinks are for us to get through the day. More children and adults get cavities from juice. I know that juice for my children is completely omitted especially in my 6 year old; she is like the exorcist (yes Linda Blair all over again). It is an instant change with their behavior and activity level from any ingestion of a processed sugar. It is like the roller coaster from hell. And the food hangover that they have the next day.



These behaviors have been done over a number of years and most can not unlearn them overnight. It is a process and it takes planning, effort and time. Just like planning your day or week. We allow these external forces control us, period. They are things. During any journey you have to celebrate the small victories and what is going right. Too often we get wrapped up in what we are missing or what is going wrong instead of what is going right. Also, I will bet more things are going right then wrong, because that is the way it always is. The psychology of us missing something is a perception that we can not have something because that is how we have been conditioned. By this time it is completely out of control and we are in an excessive behavior pattern. And ask so what-so what if I miss having drinks with my friends, or that piece of cake after dinner?  What happens? Answer=not a damn thing. What is more important?  Being around for a long time to be a problem to your kids, a long luxurious life full of great memories or a shorter life riddled with health problems?

There are other sugars on the market that have a slower glucose release, such as coconut, maple sugars and some organic cane sugars, but at the end of the day a sugar is a sugar, a carbohydrate that your body does not treat the same as if it were to get it from sprouted grains, fruits, veggies, or legumes (beans) because of the digestive enzymes that it takes to process the food. Processed sugar bypasses that. Here it is folks. I am choosing NOT to live in this space any more. Not controlled by food, alcohol, negative thoughts or anything else that is mentally or physically unhealthy. You can do the same. It all starts with a decision. A stick- to- it -decision, and it won’t come without sweat equity. Don’t commit to something and then 3 days later say “I can’t do this, it is too hard.” That is bullshit and the easy way out. Just like you plan your day the night before or week before, it will require some thought and planning. You can control what you put in your mouth and in your head.  Isn’t your health, heart and head worth it? Because it is!

Love Conquers All

download (6)   Part of this blog was healing for myself and making myself better. Maybe it is the writing it is cathartic for me along my path to self healing and love. Telling my most inner darkest thoughts is completely mortifying but the truth sets you free. I have found that I have been more committed to my goals and what I have been doing since I decided to publicize my journey and I think I am pretty good at hiding shit. It really has to do with integrity and making sure I am living up to what I am writing. I can’t be a hypocrite because that is bullshit and people see right through it. I would know it, my children would know it, Jay would know it.

We all have our vices whether it is food, cleanliness, negativity, alcohol, drugs or sex, anything that you put higher than your own self worth is a problem. There is a major amount of my journey, weight loss and doing what I love that is wrapped up in all of this. My last post I spoke of the mind-body connection. Adding one more part of that is personal image. This past year of struggles both professionally and personally and being stalled brought me to where I am right here right now. When I get ideas or feel compelled to write, I act on it right away because I believe that these urges you are supposed to act on. And I can tell you what I think of myself is a struggle every freakin day.

I went from serious self-loathing to being able to accept myself but I had almost lost everything. I was at such a low point, even more than how my previous marriage made me feel because I only had me to blame for the predicament I was in. Completely a sum of small decisions made on a regular basis.  I have been working on loving myself and that will be my end goal. What about you? Part of loving myself was getting rid of the excess weight. I couldn’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I was always trying to cover it up and at night I was loathing (yes loathe word of the day and think of Jim Carrey in the Grinch) myself. Maybe that is another reason I started drinking more, to numb my senses. Cover it up and fall off the wagon, no get run over by it with wheel marks. The key here is the word “accept” and by saying that I have come a long way. It was also about the negative chatter I had going on in my head.

Even though I had read every book, invested thousands of dollars in myself, had seen so many professional speakers but still I had no idea what was lacking. It wasn’t until I had almost pissed everything away that the answer revealed itself; self sabotage and not loving myself. I never loved myself and everyday is a work in progress. I thought if I lost all the weight I gained would be the answer  but it wasn’t; however it has helped my self esteem immensely and it is part of the puzzle. I also look in the mirror every morning and say I love you to myself and smile. Smile when you say it or self talk to yourself or in the mirror. When I first started doing this I couldn’t look at my reflection and I would cry every time I said it. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I keep setting new goals, so I know I am on the right path. I do know for sure I want to be the best version of me for my family and my friends it is myself that I have the trouble area with. Are any of you with me on this?




I hadn’t really slept for the last 3 years either. When I decided in November of this past year that things had to change I really had to assess. What do I love? I love my children and spouse unconditionally. I love to work with and coach people and I love writing about health and wellness but where is this all heading-helping people. Did all of my past failures lead me to here but what is the answer-helping people. Do you ever sit and wonder what you should really be doing or feel like there’s something missing? It is like you are searching for an answer and you keep beating your head against the wall.

I now sleep better than I ever remember once I made a decision. I finally know what is next for me professionally and that gives me a sense of value. This is the first time in my entire life that I feel myself becoming whole. I am such a giver I find joy in giving but I was never able to receive until recently. That was another big a-ha moment. I shrugged off compliments, pats on the back, and when someone said I love you. I wasn’t worthy. Now instead of saying “no problem”, I say “its my pleasure”. When someone says I love you, I say it back and I mean it. I hug more. Hugging releases endorphins, reduces stress and make you happier.

I have been trying to come from a place of love every single day. It actually is fairly easy and when you do that your eyes really start to open. As my hubs says love is everything, it conquers all. He was of course invariably right yet again (and believe me sometimes I want to smack him for pretty much being right ALL of the time). No matter what happens in your life, it is all about how you handle it. How are YOU going to react? You have complete control over that.

Are you going to let your past dictate your future? So many people were screwed up when they were children. Many people exceeded, took control of their present and their future and became great influencers. The one thing that people like Oprah, Edison, Einstein or Ford said that they had ONE person that believed in them (and these people were severely abused or challenged). And so I challenge you, so what? You can choose to live in that dark space or you can move forward into the light. I know it saying it sounds much easier right? But it really isn’t. It is about a decision and start with small baby steps or some where in the middle or you are ALL in. I believe in you, and I know you can do whatever you set your mind too. Love you and who you are!

Loving yourself

Loving yourself



The Mind Body Connection

I don’t want to get into me jumping on a soapbox and waving a finger at people with every article, but I would like to lay the foundation of what to expect from these writings and how you can best utilize them for you. These ideas, research, articles and more, are truly some of the best things I have come across over many years. If you take just one idea that appeals to you, you will be that much better off.

I will preface this by saying the BIG C article included several mentions of meditation. You can control what you put into your body and your mind.  You can’t have one without the other. I am going to tell you right now if you think you will get a major ailment you will. I have seen it happen time and time again. I have even done it to myself.  You must change your thinking. Your mind will make you sick if you keep having those thoughts. What we think we become…

Not only will meditation help in healing; positivity, happiness and laughter it is its own best medicine. If you get diagnosed with a dis-ease (and why do I always hyphen it all dis-ease because the body is not at ease) it is how you think about your prognosis will either help or hinder. Negative thoughts create cortisone and unneeded stress in the body. When you think positively about your outcome what do you think happens? Endorphins! Serotonin! The happy chemicals. But mediation does not happen overnight. It takes practice.

As a matter of fact, patients that have a positive outlook on their healing, healed better, faster, had fewer complications and happiness was also a direct correlation. Shawn Achor is one of the leading researchers on happiness and how happy people respond.


I have both of his books on kindle in print and on audible because they are that good.

According to Achor’s research happier people were also more successful and earned more money. Pretty interesting, When you focus on good things, good things happen. The Law of the Universe/Attraction (aka Karma) still holds true. Your mind is so much more powerful than you think! Some people say it is 100% of a favorable outcome. 100% intention equals 100% of results.

I know that University of Michigan is implementing visualization and meditation in more healing modalities, but until a few years ago we never ever heard of it. Many people would get a diagnosis and hope grew wings and flew out the window because when you are told a diagnosis is terminal what happens to your mind? We have all heard miraculous stories of people being healed and what do they all have in common? The power of the mind. If you have a serious dis-ease you have to be extremely conscious of your thoughts. Tapping and EFT is another huge benefit (which I need to use much more) and you can do it whenever you need to.


I have a wonderful friend locally (she can also do long distance and it is just as effective) that teaches this technique and is a certified hypnotherapist. For more info you can check out Lili’s website.


The point here is very simple and as Henry Ford says, “You either can or can’t.” I am the poster child for that. If you think you will heal and get better you will or achieve a goal or doing something new. Seriously the possibilities are endless. Those sneaky, pesky, negative thoughts will keep trying to force their way in. 60,000 negative thoughts a day we generally see and hear. 

Meditation. This takes practice and you can not learn it overnight. Yoga is a wonderful practice and way for you to start with meditation. Also anything that provides you with alone time for your mind. This is why I love to run. When you need extra mind time, here are some great tips.


One thing I do not want to leave out is spirituality and religion. Connecting to a higher being and a higher purpose can be so beneficial. This is also a very personal choice and journey and at the same time very powerful. There is power in all prayer and it may be the most powerful energy/action one can practice. 

A healthy mind is indicative of everything that you do in your life. I can’t tell you how much minding my mind helped me through my addiction and weight loss. You really have to love yourself and love what is inside, outside and the mirror. You are beautiful!





Want to take a guess on what that “C” is? Cancer….

It is an epidemic and prevention is key. Cancer is also a very emotional disease. Many people live in fear of getting it and many people have died from complications of it. That is also part of the problem. Western medicine will NOT cure this; they already know how to prevent it and there are cures. However, you won’t hear about these cures, yet maybe not even in your lifetime. I am going to venture out on a limb because this is the biggest scandal since the tobacco companies said smoking did not cause any health side effects.

Think about the treatment and how barbaric it is; you lose your hair, your immune system is shot and it wreaks havoc on the kidneys, just to name a few things. Does this kind of treatment make sense to you? They are treating an acidic condition with an acidic treatment, no, a deadly treatment. Most people do not die from cancer, they die from the treatment. I know that ALL of you have been touched by this and it makes me so damn angry. I lost my grandmother, the dearest woman ever to cancer and my closest friend, before she even reached the age of 50. I can’t even tell you how many people that I know that have gotten cancer. Statistics state 1 in every 2 people get cancer and 10 years ago it was 1 in 3. If we keep going at the mach 5 speed with this, it will be expected everyone will get it at one point or another. My goal is to never get it or any major health ailment. This may sound conceited but prevention is so, so important. Do things now that will help keep you healthy.

What if this was totally preventable? What if it is completely environmental? Cancer happens because our bodies are completely acidic from our world around us and we are exposed to over 400 chemicals a day. Babies that are being born have over 200 toxic chemicals in their little bodies on average. They are at a disadvantage even before getting started. Because our environment is so compromised, it also has genetically mutated. This dis-ease is under-informed and misrepresented all across our nation. But let me propose this; what do you think would happen if we were completely informed and that cancer was not about money? Back to a common sense approach perhaps?

-If we took all of the chemicals out of the food, what would happen?

-If we took all of the chemicals out of the water?

-Stopped using pesticides, herbicides and GMOS? Not only in our food, but the spraying of our lawns, spraying for bugs at large?

-Stopped using medication that caused immune system suppression and damage?

-Banned the use of table sugar?

-Banned the use of MSG?

-Used meditation as part of the healing process?

-Had all products certified clean? Make up, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion?

-Treated with alkaline options, live food and water, that it is certified clean as well?

Just the last 2 options would remove 90% of all the chemicals that we are exposed to everyday.

There are a few things that cancer patients do not have. Once an autopsy is performed, no trace of Vitamin d3 is in their system and their pH level is around a 4-5 when it should be a 7.5. Do you think there is a correlation? This is why I am so adamant about getting out in the sun a few times a week.  (complete myth on sunscreen and cancer from sun article included).

I know that this is not what many of you want to hear. You want a magic pill to get rid of a symptom overnight but that isn’t the case. It is like weight gain and weight loss. For most it takes years to get to this point. Healing is something that takes time and it has to be a mind body correlation (hence the meditation).

There are so many proven scientific ways to treat cancer naturally and also medically. I have included a few articles that you can view for yourself and there are thousands.




Mercola even has taken a very strong stance on how strong natural alternatives are much more effective. http://www.mercola.com

The earth has given us everything we need.

Do your own research. This is only supposed to be for you to get started on empowering yourself with information. This is not meant for you to replace anything that you may be currently doing for treatment. I am not a doctor, I am a concerned person, parent and friend for well-being. I have seen over 20 national speakers (many doctors) on natural alternatives, read over 150 books and thousands of articles. I just considered myself as very well informed!

Cancer and vaccines have been a very sore spot for me. Please remember this is what I believe and what I have researched. I know that this will upset people, but before you read through this and think I am full of shit, doesn’t some of this just make too much sense? Common sense?

Many governmental agencies have tried to shut people down for practicing natural alternatives, even have thrown them in jail. WHY??? Why are we not allowed to treat as we see fit for ourselves and our children?

You also need to align yourself with an NMD if this is something you want to pursue.

This was a very difficult article to write. The loss that I have experienced and many of you that I know saddens me deeply. We need to change the parameters of cancer and other environmentally induced dis-eases and how prevalent they are in our society. This should make you angry. Often anger helps to facilitate change.


How do I know which vitamin to choose?


How do you wade through the overwhelming amount of vitamins and supplements they have on the shelf? And if you really want to know much more I have provided 2 great links at the bottom. Most people just want them to work and to get a clean product. What do I mean by a clean product? That they have no herbicides/pesticides, no heavy metals in them or toxins. Kind of defeats the purpose right? Lets shift the thinking here, you do not want a vitamin, you want a whole food supplement. Vitamins are synthetic and we want to stay away from that.

Here are just a few pointers:

-Do not buy ANY vitamins from grocery stores or drugstores. They do not work and they will be bind with gelatin or tar. If you think your vitamin works, think again and drop it in a glass of water. If it doesn’t dissolve in 30 minutes, it is worthless (or what is even cooler as a science experiment put it in a heated oven and if it hisses and spits it is bind with tar). Do you know how many vitamins porta-potty companies find? A TON!!! 80% of what is on the shelf will end up in the sewer system after being ingested. The bottom line you do not have to take a cabinet full of products to keep operating at maximum capacity. If you are having certain health challenges you will need to modify accordingly but for everyday keep it simple.

If you are really eating well, these are just a few things I recommend and also to maximize your pocketbook.

-A whole food supplement-an absolute must. Clean, certified through a third-party endorsed lab, no fillers. I love Juice Plus and Vitacost has some good selections but be careful and read the labels. (Heathergraber.juiceplus.com)
-A clean probiotic that actually survives. There aren’t many out there and this will probably be the most expensive one of your purchase. Again the best one for the money I have found is http://www.thriveprobiotic.com
-An omega (preferable a 3,6,9). You can get this in oil form. Trader Joes has some really good ones. Carlsons are rated very high. Oil form is cheaper and usually better. (You can also get some great selections on Vitacost).

ANY and ALL supplements should come with a money back guarantee and if they don’t, don’t buy them. The one thing with most supplements you should feel a difference and/or see a difference in your alkalinity. I know I mentioned several product lines several times. I just love their products and the results I have seen from them.

Adding one or all three of the above you will feel better. More energy, you won’t get that 2 or 3 pm drag, improved immune system, better sleep and regularity (yes we can talk about pooping here…that is a very very important gage on how your overall body is performing).

During the winter if you are in snow hell you will need to supplement with Vitamin d3. And for goodness sakes get out in the sun for 20 minutes a day during the warmer months with 40% of your skin exposed. Sun does not give you cancer-it increases your immune system (more on this later). However this doesn’t mean go out and get yourself burned. That isn’t good either.

If you are having other health challenges there is definitely a plant form of a supplement that can help you. Migraines, peri-menopause, post-menopause, infertility and just about every ailment there is something that can absolutely help you. Remember this is about personal choice and letting you know there are many more options out there than popping a pill.

For more in-depth information please see this article;


AND for a complete book with all of the info you will ever need


If you have suggestions about topics please let me know or questions. Look for upcoming rants on cancer, personal care products and vaccines.


It is all about the aqua!

Sunday’s pictures and my first new blog post, uncut and raw surprised the hell out of me. That was an extremely difficult story to write and now it is like the floodgate is off. Watch out! But how and where do I start? I really want to break down everything that I wrote about in more specific and bite sized chunks, so lets start with food and we will add water because we need both for survival. And the last thing I want to do is bore people to death, but y’all have to know so bear with me.

This is really the guts of part of my weight loss. I won’t be preachy with the exception for these things I feel so strongly about and this will be more factual according to what I know and what I have researched. If you don’t believe me then research for yourself. But do it diligently-you can not just input something you want info into google, read one thing and get the complete answer. There are hundreds of books on many of these subjects. And this will piss more people off, because they simply choose to put their head in the sand. That is ok. This is also about raising conscious awareness so you can prevent some of this stuff happening to you, happening to your (our) children.

Lets back track for a minute. How did I get started in all of my knowledge. I have been actually studying this stuff and voraciously consuming any info I could for 12 years religiously. My son got sick when he was a year old because of the toxins in our everyday environment. He ended up at Motts and I had every frickin resident coming in to see him because they only had one case in the last 5 years. To simply explain this he had a growth (an abscess) stuck in the muscle tissue in his neck. A lump, so what does mom think when they say lump? Right….So they had to go in threw his throat to A. get it out or B. biopsy. So they cut him open and what they found was a rock of harden crap. Evidently he had a build up in his body and that is where it decided to deposit and it set off a reaction in his body which treated it like a disease.

So in my search for answers the doctors told me they didn’t know what caused it. They couldn’t tell me.  So in my quest for knowing I started asking around and I was led to an NMD. We had a very eye opening conversation and he told me, throw out all of your conventional stuff, eat organic, no dairy and no grains. Stefan was sick on occasion but out of all of my kids he was the worst. So I threw out TWO 33 gallon garbage bags of toxic crap and replaced it all, put filters on all of my water sources and never looked back. Now he has been sick maybe 2 or 3 times and this is just colds, flus, and everyday commonalities we see in kids.

The water is more important and a a huge huge key in weight loss. You can only go for 7 days without water and 70% of your body is water, so why the hell don’t people drink more? Literally your body is in dire thirst and lack of water makes you fat. It kills your metabolism and wrecks your kidneys  Yes you need to drink about a gallon a day. And don’t get me started on my jug o aqua.

Our water supply doesn’t cut it. You add chlorine to the water and it immediately turns it into a dead property. Yep that is right most of you are drinking dead water. This has been a major issue not just for me but for the country as a whole. And fluoride. One of the biggest scams-I know my dentist friends won’t like this but the truth needs to be told. Fluoride is a by product of jet fuel-check it out for yourself.  We have never had fluoride since maybe 12 years ago and guess what, yeah no cavities. If you think the food and water in this country is not shit, you better think again.

What is the solution? Reverse osmosis? Nope-don’t waste your money. Brita? Nope. Culligan? Not a chance. You need a filter that turns water into a living property again and removes all of the junk and over 100 crap chemicals (PS did you know how much prescription medication is in our water supply). The best ones out there are the rolls royce Kangen (and yep it will set you back but it will last for a good 20 years) and Nikken. And put filters on your showers. Just this alone will help you start cutting lbs. If money is an issue start simple with something you can put on your tap and shower just to get rid of the chlorine alone. Then buy alkaline drops to put in your water.


I spoke about how you need to eat organic. Live food, fruits and veggies, are a must at every meal. And that is what you should be eating 70% of. Ditch cereal, those meal replacement shakes (which every single one does your body more harm than good-whey protein terrible for you think of the goo after left over after manufacturing cheese; soy NOT-your body will be estrogen dominant), or bars and eat real food. Farm raised organic eggs are in the top 5 best foods for you, along with avocados, broccoli and spinach. Meat it is a dead food. So that seems pretty straight forward right? But there are better choices. Turkey is one of the best and you have to watch for sodium, salmon is as well but you have to be so careful of where you get it from. There is a huge difference between table salt and real sea salt. Iodized table salt, it is as bad as flippin sugar. And stay away from juice…aka liquid crack especially children. There is nothing that will rot teeth faster. If you are going to juice veggies and fruit get a juicer that does the whole thing, pulp, fiber and all.

And lets address soda. One of the worst things you can drink. Even alcohol is better for you (yep I said that-but at the same time they both are not good for you and wreaks havoc on the liver). The carbonation will leach calcium out of your bones. And nutrasweet did you know that is an e-coli bacteria? Not to mention the caramel coloring and sugar. Do I need to say more?

How easy is it to grab a carrot?  How about an apple?  I hear more people say eating better is too expensive or it takes too much time. Seriously? I heard a quote the other day that people will spend 5 bucks for Starbucks but they won’t spend 5 bucks for a dozen farm raised organic eggs. That is what it has come down to.

If I am scaring you good. You should be!  It going to take a huge collective effort to start turning this stuff around. For our generation and our children’s.

If you have questions ask. This is just some basic things you can be aware of! Like I said earlier in this post empower yourself and do the research. This is where we are slowly heading as a country but at least we are heading there!


Oprah ain’t got nothing on my yoyo

So many people asked me HOW DID YOU DO IT? What is your secret? Well I will start from today and go backwards. And yes you will get my very opinionated views on weight loss, health and wellness, you won’t find any sugar coating here. If you have any negativity that you want to bring to the table don’t bother. If you don’t like what I write don’t read it. Simple. I won’t waste my time.  But if you are looking for a magic pill or the one thing you won’t get it. It is a combination of things. Sweat Equity and discipline. Period.

As a nation the US is rated always in the TOP THIRD of worst medical care in the entire world. And lets not talk about infant mortality. Further almost 75% of people are considered overweight. Cripe  thats more than 200 million people in this country. Think we have a problem yet? Lets give an honorable mention to cancer, a 160 BILLION dollar industry. Let me tell you weight issues and cancer are a BUSINESS in this country. Sad but true. I am an extremist in what I do and what I believe.

You may not agree and that is ok, but this has worked for me and many people I have recommended these ideas too. I really appreciate all of the wonderful comments and words of encouragement-that to me is the most humbling thing of all. If this post can help ONE person, it was worth writing this and opening up. I am not an open person at all. So many people struggle with weight, personal image and loving themselves. Often eating is just more than eating the wrong things consciously. There are many psychological issues with being overweight and having addiction issues (HELLO POSTER CHILD!). I just decided one day in November of 2013 “No more”.

I remember when I was 12 and my mom made me get on the scale. Talk about HUMILIATING! We fought for hours, I was in tears and always felt ashamed because I was not the perfect size and a heavier child. I see now where I identified food as comfort. The nights I made pizza with my dad and when we would have our special grocery shopping days when he was home were events I found joy in. My grandmother, the only one I really saw unconditional love from and no matter how much I screwed up, she never passed judgment. But she was a foodie and that is where I got my love for sweets and much more. I know I could go to her house and she would have my favorite rocky road bars waiting for me every time I came and a hug and kiss.

I have always been into health and wellness. I just have never loved myself and that was a huge part of the problem(s). Ignoring mirrors, never ever stepping on a scale and god forbid don’t take my damn picture and keep the vino flowing. Posts for another time. Many of your know that I have been living a very natural life for many years. No dairy, no processed foods, no vaccines, no prescription drugs. BUT we spend money on good clean food, whole food supplements and water. There is a huge difference in that itself. My kids are rarely sick and I have had dance with I think the flu in the last 5 years. So here is what I have done since the end of November. I still have a long long long way to go…

This is very general and just some helpful hints. I do not weigh food or do any of that. I eat my veggies always first.


-No booze, no sugar (a huge crutch for me over the years)

-Nothing eaten out of a box or package

-I have one cheat day a week and only eat out for one meal (usually on that cheat day)

-No GMO’s (genetically modified foods), hormone laden meats and NO dairy

If the 3 food groups were pizza, guac and trader joes peanut butter cups I would be smitten!

For those of you that don’t know sugar is as addictive as heroin and  even the crooked FDA would not be able to approve it now if it was put in front of them

Breakfast is usually veggies and a protein. I love fresh broccoli in the morning with 2 eggs and yes eat the damn yolks. They are good for you. FAT is good for you!! Good fats! Cook with grapeseed or coconut oil NOT olive oil. (why you might ask, once you heat olive oil past 350 degrees it is toxic for you) but turn the heat off and toss it on top or drizzle.

Lunch- salad anything green and red (I dont usually do protein at lunch). I try to eat live foods at every meal. I don’t really care for fruit but it is a choice. If you are going fruit (because again it is a sugar) stick with berries first.

Dinner-Give me a grill but don’t burn your food. You can do veggies but very lightly, you want to retain the vitamins and minerals. Lean chicken, turkey (I love turkey burgers). And lets address breads. Sprouted grains are the best. Again bread is a processed food. Nuts hell-o to the yes. They should be raw.

Try and walk a few nights after dinner for at least 20 minutes. It helps with the metabolism.

Do you have to live in a bubble? No you don’t, but if you want to see real results you have to make real changes. And you are the only excuse holding you back.

And water-it so so important!

My exercise program:

One week-

Hit the gym and pump iron 3 days a week. I do an all body training, supersetting. It gives you strength and cardio all in one. I lift heavy, I just find my body responds the best. For smaller body part biceps, triceps and shoulders 6 sets is plenty larger muscle groups 12 sets is ideal. If you want more info let me know. Meet me at the gym if you are local, I will kick your ass. There is no better feeling than being sore. You can get a gym membership for 9.95 a month at most places now. I have been throwing weights around since I have been 15. It makes a difference and ladies it will NOT make you bulky (that is also a ridiculous rumor). But I love the way a shredded woman looks like some of the gals I see in the gym. I want Sarah’s 8 pack but for now I am just settling for the 2 pack and getting rid of the spare tire. Oh wait I have a NO PACK!

I do a power yoga program 2-3 times a week. I do it at home. Ever hear of you tube? Mark Gonzales, Lesly Fightmaster and Power Yoga Brian I like the best. Do it uninterrupted. It is cheap…

And I walk and run every day. Yes I said EVERYDAY! It is my mental clarity. This is my psychological counseling and again it is cheap. Me the pavement and my new balance. I have missed one day this year. I get cranky when I don’t.

Start with 2 or 3 days a week. For at least 30 minutes a day. You will immediately see a huge difference.

Many people have to plan their exercise. So do it. And turn off the idiot box. Go for a walk after dinner instead of sitting down and filling your head with violence and negativity.

Most of you will read this and think OMG I can’t do this. You can-make small choices/decisions-just make one decision today and stick with it. Don’t be a shit and in a week and give up. You only have you to be accountable for this no one else. And DO NOT comment in this post that you can buy this type of food because you and your family can’t eat it or afford it. I have had people say that to be and that is the poorest, lamest excuse I have ever heard. EXCUSES!!!


Ok this is not one to lack. If you spend a little money now, you won’t be spending a shitload when you get a major ailment. Most of you out there are ACIDIC! That is when your body is out of balance and when it is conducive for dis-ease.

-Get a filter a good one for your water. Forgo the reverse osmosis it is dead water. Alkalize it.

-Eat organic I don’t care what people say, it is better than conventional period.

I use and totally believe in

-Juice Plus (whole food supplements which I love)-you can find more info at http://www.Heathergraber.juiceplus.com

-doTerra essential oils HealthyJasmine@gmail.com and/or http://www.facebook.com/healthyjasmine  (I have used essential oils for 15 years)

-Thrive probiotic (this was a major player in my metabolism and how stalled before using this and in turn leads to thyroid issues and diabetes) at http://www.thriveprobiotic.com. And you can like them on their page at http://www.facebook.com/thriveprobiotic



Saba http://www.wantmyace.com-this has the garcinia cambogia to help you jump start your metabolism

Again I am not making health claims. Everything I have written about in here is proven and my opinion, my results.

You can find links attached to this article if you want more info. please note I am not making ANY money off of this at all. So don’t even go there. I am a complete supplement snob.

And yes I have yoyo’d. I have gained weight. I have lost weight but my mind was never healthy until now-or getting there at least. There is a complete and fundamental change when that happens.

So the 2 end pics are when I was 30lbs+ heavier and the middle one is today.  So I ask if you need to make some changes when are you going to? Size 12 today, last year I am guessing an 18…LET’S ROLL!! Who is with me?




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