The Mind Body Connection

I don’t want to get into me jumping on a soapbox and waving a finger at people with every article, but I would like to lay the foundation of what to expect from these writings and how you can best utilize them for you. These ideas, research, articles and more, are truly some of the best things I have come across over many years. If you take just one idea that appeals to you, you will be that much better off.

I will preface this by saying the BIG C article included several mentions of meditation. You can control what you put into your body and your mind.  You can’t have one without the other. I am going to tell you right now if you think you will get a major ailment you will. I have seen it happen time and time again. I have even done it to myself.  You must change your thinking. Your mind will make you sick if you keep having those thoughts. What we think we become…

Not only will meditation help in healing; positivity, happiness and laughter it is its own best medicine. If you get diagnosed with a dis-ease (and why do I always hyphen it all dis-ease because the body is not at ease) it is how you think about your prognosis will either help or hinder. Negative thoughts create cortisone and unneeded stress in the body. When you think positively about your outcome what do you think happens? Endorphins! Serotonin! The happy chemicals. But mediation does not happen overnight. It takes practice.

As a matter of fact, patients that have a positive outlook on their healing, healed better, faster, had fewer complications and happiness was also a direct correlation. Shawn Achor is one of the leading researchers on happiness and how happy people respond.

I have both of his books on kindle in print and on audible because they are that good.

According to Achor’s research happier people were also more successful and earned more money. Pretty interesting, When you focus on good things, good things happen. The Law of the Universe/Attraction (aka Karma) still holds true. Your mind is so much more powerful than you think! Some people say it is 100% of a favorable outcome. 100% intention equals 100% of results.

I know that University of Michigan is implementing visualization and meditation in more healing modalities, but until a few years ago we never ever heard of it. Many people would get a diagnosis and hope grew wings and flew out the window because when you are told a diagnosis is terminal what happens to your mind? We have all heard miraculous stories of people being healed and what do they all have in common? The power of the mind. If you have a serious dis-ease you have to be extremely conscious of your thoughts. Tapping and EFT is another huge benefit (which I need to use much more) and you can do it whenever you need to.

I have a wonderful friend locally (she can also do long distance and it is just as effective) that teaches this technique and is a certified hypnotherapist. For more info you can check out Lili’s website.

The point here is very simple and as Henry Ford says, “You either can or can’t.” I am the poster child for that. If you think you will heal and get better you will or achieve a goal or doing something new. Seriously the possibilities are endless. Those sneaky, pesky, negative thoughts will keep trying to force their way in. 60,000 negative thoughts a day we generally see and hear. 

Meditation. This takes practice and you can not learn it overnight. Yoga is a wonderful practice and way for you to start with meditation. Also anything that provides you with alone time for your mind. This is why I love to run. When you need extra mind time, here are some great tips.

One thing I do not want to leave out is spirituality and religion. Connecting to a higher being and a higher purpose can be so beneficial. This is also a very personal choice and journey and at the same time very powerful. There is power in all prayer and it may be the most powerful energy/action one can practice. 

A healthy mind is indicative of everything that you do in your life. I can’t tell you how much minding my mind helped me through my addiction and weight loss. You really have to love yourself and love what is inside, outside and the mirror. You are beautiful!






Want to take a guess on what that “C” is? Cancer….

It is an epidemic and prevention is key. Cancer is also a very emotional disease. Many people live in fear of getting it and many people have died from complications of it. That is also part of the problem. Western medicine will NOT cure this; they already know how to prevent it and there are cures. However, you won’t hear about these cures, yet maybe not even in your lifetime. I am going to venture out on a limb because this is the biggest scandal since the tobacco companies said smoking did not cause any health side effects.

Think about the treatment and how barbaric it is; you lose your hair, your immune system is shot and it wreaks havoc on the kidneys, just to name a few things. Does this kind of treatment make sense to you? They are treating an acidic condition with an acidic treatment, no, a deadly treatment. Most people do not die from cancer, they die from the treatment. I know that ALL of you have been touched by this and it makes me so damn angry. I lost my grandmother, the dearest woman ever to cancer and my closest friend, before she even reached the age of 50. I can’t even tell you how many people that I know that have gotten cancer. Statistics state 1 in every 2 people get cancer and 10 years ago it was 1 in 3. If we keep going at the mach 5 speed with this, it will be expected everyone will get it at one point or another. My goal is to never get it or any major health ailment. This may sound conceited but prevention is so, so important. Do things now that will help keep you healthy.

What if this was totally preventable? What if it is completely environmental? Cancer happens because our bodies are completely acidic from our world around us and we are exposed to over 400 chemicals a day. Babies that are being born have over 200 toxic chemicals in their little bodies on average. They are at a disadvantage even before getting started. Because our environment is so compromised, it also has genetically mutated. This dis-ease is under-informed and misrepresented all across our nation. But let me propose this; what do you think would happen if we were completely informed and that cancer was not about money? Back to a common sense approach perhaps?

-If we took all of the chemicals out of the food, what would happen?

-If we took all of the chemicals out of the water?

-Stopped using pesticides, herbicides and GMOS? Not only in our food, but the spraying of our lawns, spraying for bugs at large?

-Stopped using medication that caused immune system suppression and damage?

-Banned the use of table sugar?

-Banned the use of MSG?

-Used meditation as part of the healing process?

-Had all products certified clean? Make up, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion?

-Treated with alkaline options, live food and water, that it is certified clean as well?

Just the last 2 options would remove 90% of all the chemicals that we are exposed to everyday.

There are a few things that cancer patients do not have. Once an autopsy is performed, no trace of Vitamin d3 is in their system and their pH level is around a 4-5 when it should be a 7.5. Do you think there is a correlation? This is why I am so adamant about getting out in the sun a few times a week.  (complete myth on sunscreen and cancer from sun article included).

I know that this is not what many of you want to hear. You want a magic pill to get rid of a symptom overnight but that isn’t the case. It is like weight gain and weight loss. For most it takes years to get to this point. Healing is something that takes time and it has to be a mind body correlation (hence the meditation).

There are so many proven scientific ways to treat cancer naturally and also medically. I have included a few articles that you can view for yourself and there are thousands.

Mercola even has taken a very strong stance on how strong natural alternatives are much more effective.

The earth has given us everything we need.

Do your own research. This is only supposed to be for you to get started on empowering yourself with information. This is not meant for you to replace anything that you may be currently doing for treatment. I am not a doctor, I am a concerned person, parent and friend for well-being. I have seen over 20 national speakers (many doctors) on natural alternatives, read over 150 books and thousands of articles. I just considered myself as very well informed!

Cancer and vaccines have been a very sore spot for me. Please remember this is what I believe and what I have researched. I know that this will upset people, but before you read through this and think I am full of shit, doesn’t some of this just make too much sense? Common sense?

Many governmental agencies have tried to shut people down for practicing natural alternatives, even have thrown them in jail. WHY??? Why are we not allowed to treat as we see fit for ourselves and our children?

You also need to align yourself with an NMD if this is something you want to pursue.

This was a very difficult article to write. The loss that I have experienced and many of you that I know saddens me deeply. We need to change the parameters of cancer and other environmentally induced dis-eases and how prevalent they are in our society. This should make you angry. Often anger helps to facilitate change.


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