Oprah ain’t got nothing on my yoyo

So many people asked me HOW DID YOU DO IT? What is your secret? Well I will start from today and go backwards. And yes you will get my very opinionated views on weight loss, health and wellness, you won’t find any sugar coating here. If you have any negativity that you want to bring to the table don’t bother. If you don’t like what I write don’t read it. Simple. I won’t waste my time.  But if you are looking for a magic pill or the one thing you won’t get it. It is a combination of things. Sweat Equity and discipline. Period.

As a nation the US is rated always in the TOP THIRD of worst medical care in the entire world. And lets not talk about infant mortality. Further almost 75% of people are considered overweight. Cripe  thats more than 200 million people in this country. Think we have a problem yet? Lets give an honorable mention to cancer, a 160 BILLION dollar industry. Let me tell you weight issues and cancer are a BUSINESS in this country. Sad but true. I am an extremist in what I do and what I believe.

You may not agree and that is ok, but this has worked for me and many people I have recommended these ideas too. I really appreciate all of the wonderful comments and words of encouragement-that to me is the most humbling thing of all. If this post can help ONE person, it was worth writing this and opening up. I am not an open person at all. So many people struggle with weight, personal image and loving themselves. Often eating is just more than eating the wrong things consciously. There are many psychological issues with being overweight and having addiction issues (HELLO POSTER CHILD!). I just decided one day in November of 2013 “No more”.

I remember when I was 12 and my mom made me get on the scale. Talk about HUMILIATING! We fought for hours, I was in tears and always felt ashamed because I was not the perfect size and a heavier child. I see now where I identified food as comfort. The nights I made pizza with my dad and when we would have our special grocery shopping days when he was home were events I found joy in. My grandmother, the only one I really saw unconditional love from and no matter how much I screwed up, she never passed judgment. But she was a foodie and that is where I got my love for sweets and much more. I know I could go to her house and she would have my favorite rocky road bars waiting for me every time I came and a hug and kiss.

I have always been into health and wellness. I just have never loved myself and that was a huge part of the problem(s). Ignoring mirrors, never ever stepping on a scale and god forbid don’t take my damn picture and keep the vino flowing. Posts for another time. Many of your know that I have been living a very natural life for many years. No dairy, no processed foods, no vaccines, no prescription drugs. BUT we spend money on good clean food, whole food supplements and water. There is a huge difference in that itself. My kids are rarely sick and I have had dance with I think the flu in the last 5 years. So here is what I have done since the end of November. I still have a long long long way to go…

This is very general and just some helpful hints. I do not weigh food or do any of that. I eat my veggies always first.


-No booze, no sugar (a huge crutch for me over the years)

-Nothing eaten out of a box or package

-I have one cheat day a week and only eat out for one meal (usually on that cheat day)

-No GMO’s (genetically modified foods), hormone laden meats and NO dairy

If the 3 food groups were pizza, guac and trader joes peanut butter cups I would be smitten!

For those of you that don’t know sugar is as addictive as heroin and  even the crooked FDA would not be able to approve it now if it was put in front of them

Breakfast is usually veggies and a protein. I love fresh broccoli in the morning with 2 eggs and yes eat the damn yolks. They are good for you. FAT is good for you!! Good fats! Cook with grapeseed or coconut oil NOT olive oil. (why you might ask, once you heat olive oil past 350 degrees it is toxic for you) but turn the heat off and toss it on top or drizzle.

Lunch- salad anything green and red (I dont usually do protein at lunch). I try to eat live foods at every meal. I don’t really care for fruit but it is a choice. If you are going fruit (because again it is a sugar) stick with berries first.

Dinner-Give me a grill but don’t burn your food. You can do veggies but very lightly, you want to retain the vitamins and minerals. Lean chicken, turkey (I love turkey burgers). And lets address breads. Sprouted grains are the best. Again bread is a processed food. Nuts hell-o to the yes. They should be raw.

Try and walk a few nights after dinner for at least 20 minutes. It helps with the metabolism.

Do you have to live in a bubble? No you don’t, but if you want to see real results you have to make real changes. And you are the only excuse holding you back.

And water-it so so important!

My exercise program:

One week-

Hit the gym and pump iron 3 days a week. I do an all body training, supersetting. It gives you strength and cardio all in one. I lift heavy, I just find my body responds the best. For smaller body part biceps, triceps and shoulders 6 sets is plenty larger muscle groups 12 sets is ideal. If you want more info let me know. Meet me at the gym if you are local, I will kick your ass. There is no better feeling than being sore. You can get a gym membership for 9.95 a month at most places now. I have been throwing weights around since I have been 15. It makes a difference and ladies it will NOT make you bulky (that is also a ridiculous rumor). But I love the way a shredded woman looks like some of the gals I see in the gym. I want Sarah’s 8 pack but for now I am just settling for the 2 pack and getting rid of the spare tire. Oh wait I have a NO PACK!

I do a power yoga program 2-3 times a week. I do it at home. Ever hear of you tube? Mark Gonzales, Lesly Fightmaster and Power Yoga Brian I like the best. Do it uninterrupted. It is cheap…

And I walk and run every day. Yes I said EVERYDAY! It is my mental clarity. This is my psychological counseling and again it is cheap. Me the pavement and my new balance. I have missed one day this year. I get cranky when I don’t.

Start with 2 or 3 days a week. For at least 30 minutes a day. You will immediately see a huge difference.

Many people have to plan their exercise. So do it. And turn off the idiot box. Go for a walk after dinner instead of sitting down and filling your head with violence and negativity.

Most of you will read this and think OMG I can’t do this. You can-make small choices/decisions-just make one decision today and stick with it. Don’t be a shit and in a week and give up. You only have you to be accountable for this no one else. And DO NOT comment in this post that you can buy this type of food because you and your family can’t eat it or afford it. I have had people say that to be and that is the poorest, lamest excuse I have ever heard. EXCUSES!!!


Ok this is not one to lack. If you spend a little money now, you won’t be spending a shitload when you get a major ailment. Most of you out there are ACIDIC! That is when your body is out of balance and when it is conducive for dis-ease.

-Get a filter a good one for your water. Forgo the reverse osmosis it is dead water. Alkalize it.

-Eat organic I don’t care what people say, it is better than conventional period.

I use and totally believe in

-Juice Plus (whole food supplements which I love)-you can find more info at http://www.Heathergraber.juiceplus.com

-doTerra essential oils HealthyJasmine@gmail.com and/or http://www.facebook.com/healthyjasmine  (I have used essential oils for 15 years)

-Thrive probiotic (this was a major player in my metabolism and how stalled before using this and in turn leads to thyroid issues and diabetes) at http://www.thriveprobiotic.com. And you can like them on their page at http://www.facebook.com/thriveprobiotic



Saba http://www.wantmyace.com-this has the garcinia cambogia to help you jump start your metabolism

Again I am not making health claims. Everything I have written about in here is proven and my opinion, my results.

You can find links attached to this article if you want more info. please note I am not making ANY money off of this at all. So don’t even go there. I am a complete supplement snob.

And yes I have yoyo’d. I have gained weight. I have lost weight but my mind was never healthy until now-or getting there at least. There is a complete and fundamental change when that happens.

So the 2 end pics are when I was 30lbs+ heavier and the middle one is today.  So I ask if you need to make some changes when are you going to? Size 12 today, last year I am guessing an 18…LET’S ROLL!! Who is with me?





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