It is all about the aqua!

Sunday’s pictures and my first new blog post, uncut and raw surprised the hell out of me. That was an extremely difficult story to write and now it is like the floodgate is off. Watch out! But how and where do I start? I really want to break down everything that I wrote about in more specific and bite sized chunks, so lets start with food and we will add water because we need both for survival. And the last thing I want to do is bore people to death, but y’all have to know so bear with me.

This is really the guts of part of my weight loss. I won’t be preachy with the exception for these things I feel so strongly about and this will be more factual according to what I know and what I have researched. If you don’t believe me then research for yourself. But do it diligently-you can not just input something you want info into google, read one thing and get the complete answer. There are hundreds of books on many of these subjects. And this will piss more people off, because they simply choose to put their head in the sand. That is ok. This is also about raising conscious awareness so you can prevent some of this stuff happening to you, happening to your (our) children.

Lets back track for a minute. How did I get started in all of my knowledge. I have been actually studying this stuff and voraciously consuming any info I could for 12 years religiously. My son got sick when he was a year old because of the toxins in our everyday environment. He ended up at Motts and I had every frickin resident coming in to see him because they only had one case in the last 5 years. To simply explain this he had a growth (an abscess) stuck in the muscle tissue in his neck. A lump, so what does mom think when they say lump? Right….So they had to go in threw his throat to A. get it out or B. biopsy. So they cut him open and what they found was a rock of harden crap. Evidently he had a build up in his body and that is where it decided to deposit and it set off a reaction in his body which treated it like a disease.

So in my search for answers the doctors told me they didn’t know what caused it. They couldn’t tell me.  So in my quest for knowing I started asking around and I was led to an NMD. We had a very eye opening conversation and he told me, throw out all of your conventional stuff, eat organic, no dairy and no grains. Stefan was sick on occasion but out of all of my kids he was the worst. So I threw out TWO 33 gallon garbage bags of toxic crap and replaced it all, put filters on all of my water sources and never looked back. Now he has been sick maybe 2 or 3 times and this is just colds, flus, and everyday commonalities we see in kids.

The water is more important and a a huge huge key in weight loss. You can only go for 7 days without water and 70% of your body is water, so why the hell don’t people drink more? Literally your body is in dire thirst and lack of water makes you fat. It kills your metabolism and wrecks your kidneys  Yes you need to drink about a gallon a day. And don’t get me started on my jug o aqua.

Our water supply doesn’t cut it. You add chlorine to the water and it immediately turns it into a dead property. Yep that is right most of you are drinking dead water. This has been a major issue not just for me but for the country as a whole. And fluoride. One of the biggest scams-I know my dentist friends won’t like this but the truth needs to be told. Fluoride is a by product of jet fuel-check it out for yourself.  We have never had fluoride since maybe 12 years ago and guess what, yeah no cavities. If you think the food and water in this country is not shit, you better think again.

What is the solution? Reverse osmosis? Nope-don’t waste your money. Brita? Nope. Culligan? Not a chance. You need a filter that turns water into a living property again and removes all of the junk and over 100 crap chemicals (PS did you know how much prescription medication is in our water supply). The best ones out there are the rolls royce Kangen (and yep it will set you back but it will last for a good 20 years) and Nikken. And put filters on your showers. Just this alone will help you start cutting lbs. If money is an issue start simple with something you can put on your tap and shower just to get rid of the chlorine alone. Then buy alkaline drops to put in your water.


I spoke about how you need to eat organic. Live food, fruits and veggies, are a must at every meal. And that is what you should be eating 70% of. Ditch cereal, those meal replacement shakes (which every single one does your body more harm than good-whey protein terrible for you think of the goo after left over after manufacturing cheese; soy NOT-your body will be estrogen dominant), or bars and eat real food. Farm raised organic eggs are in the top 5 best foods for you, along with avocados, broccoli and spinach. Meat it is a dead food. So that seems pretty straight forward right? But there are better choices. Turkey is one of the best and you have to watch for sodium, salmon is as well but you have to be so careful of where you get it from. There is a huge difference between table salt and real sea salt. Iodized table salt, it is as bad as flippin sugar. And stay away from juice…aka liquid crack especially children. There is nothing that will rot teeth faster. If you are going to juice veggies and fruit get a juicer that does the whole thing, pulp, fiber and all.

And lets address soda. One of the worst things you can drink. Even alcohol is better for you (yep I said that-but at the same time they both are not good for you and wreaks havoc on the liver). The carbonation will leach calcium out of your bones. And nutrasweet did you know that is an e-coli bacteria? Not to mention the caramel coloring and sugar. Do I need to say more?

How easy is it to grab a carrot?  How about an apple?  I hear more people say eating better is too expensive or it takes too much time. Seriously? I heard a quote the other day that people will spend 5 bucks for Starbucks but they won’t spend 5 bucks for a dozen farm raised organic eggs. That is what it has come down to.

If I am scaring you good. You should be!  It going to take a huge collective effort to start turning this stuff around. For our generation and our children’s.

If you have questions ask. This is just some basic things you can be aware of! Like I said earlier in this post empower yourself and do the research. This is where we are slowly heading as a country but at least we are heading there!



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